Friday, March 24, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • In Rawlins, residents who plan their spring cleaning around the city’s “free dump days” might have to make some adjustments this year.
  • In Saratoga, The Planning Commission is completing work on a memorandum of understanding with the county to address which properties just outside town limits must follow its zoning and building regulations.
  • Sinkholes near old, unused mines could become a problem in Hanna.
  • Wyoming Game and Fish has been busy for the past week, holding public meetings to discuss proposals for 2017 hunt seasons and take public comment.
  • In Washington, ready or not, House Republicans will put their Obamacare replacement bill to acid test today with a floor vote.
  • Week number two for high school teams of the county will be somewhat similar to last week’s opening slate.
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Two Boise, Idaho tee-shirt companies conducting aggressive telemarketing campaigns in the Platte Valley for sponsorships on game-day are legitimate despite their unpolished sales techniques.
  • At the end of the rainbow on Sat Patrick’s Day weekend, there actually was a pot of gold of sorts.
  • After months of contentious conversation, the Saratoga Community Garden Board has presented the town council with a plan of moving forward toward a non-profit status.
  • The Rawlins soccer team got a chance to take a look at what they’ll need to work on as they opened their season last weekend.
  • Mr. Big Shot – Jason McManamen, the 6 foot 5 200 pound senior from Torrighton came up huge last night for the Cowboy basketball team.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • With community members, local business owners, and city staff present, the Rawlins City Council entertained a sales pitch from a retail recruitment company Tuesday night.
  • After initially being denied funding, Carbon County School District Two will now receive money to replace the heating and cooling system at H.E.M.
  • Carbon County Treasurer, Cindy Baldwin, announced yesterday she will retire this summer, and step from her position after nearly four decades working for the county.
  • Bridge Street in Saratoga is competing with other communities across America in a contest promoting main streets and small businesses.
  • The Carbon County School District Two speech season has come to a close, and proved to be successful for more reasons than just winning.
  • Wyoming basketball, the Pokes will square off against Utah Valley in the final four of the CBI Tournament action tonight in the Arena Auditorium.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • The new principal for Saratoga Elementary School is a familiar face in education in Carbon County. Through an unanimous vote, the Carbon County School District Two board selected Darrin Jennings to lead the campus.
  • Solar eclipse watchers are coming to Wyoming this summer, and Rawlins wants in on the fun.
  • Two men busted in Medicine Bow on meth charges in November changed their not guilty pleas in District Court Monday.
  • Public meetings hosted by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to take input on hunting season isn’t anything new.
  • Game and Fish also detailed seasons for pronghorn and deer in the Baggs areas, as well.
  • The Little Snake River track team went south of the border to Rifle, Colorado for their first meet of the season.
  • The Cowboys advance to the final four of the CBI with a 72 to 61 win over UMKC.
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Monday, March 20, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction said the repeal of federal regulations for education accountability shouldn’t impact school performance in Wyoming because of a local system that has be in place for several years.
  • The Rawlins Rehabilitation Center has earned itself a federal five star rating.
  • The sponsor of a vetoed bill that would have lifted the ban on concealed weapons at government meetings says county and municipal officials should not be allowed to infringe on Wyoming’s self right to self-defense.
  • Safe 2 Tell Wyoming is hosting a presentation in Saratoga on Thursday to share information about an app where students can inform law enforcement about illegal activity.
  • The high school spring season began over the weekend. Bigfoot 99 has the recap.
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Friday, March 17, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Carbon County School District Two discussed budget cuts and public surveys about those cute Thursday evening.
  • For years the City of Rawlins has tried to address the economic bleeding from residents traveling out of town for retail goods and services. Now a recruitment company may finally have some answers.
  • In Saratoga, the cemetery is running out of space for new plots.
  • As the weather begins to warm up, the Rawlins Community Garden is making preparations for the year.
  • The weekend will see some action for the Carbon County high school teams as the 2017 spring sports season officially gets underway.
  • Cowgirl Basketball advances.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • In Rawlins, RV parking in residential areas and how the police department enforces the associated ordinance continues to be a hot-button issue.
  • Three Saratoga applicants for the Saratoga Elementary principal position were interviewed throughout the week.
  • Rawlins residents can expect to see major changes along the Higley Boulevard corridor over the next couple of months.
  • Last week, the Saratoga Airport began discussing ways to remove deer that hang out by the runway at Shively Field.
  • Every year, hundreds of animals are killed by poachers in the state, according to the Wyoming Game and Fish which utilizes a “Stop Poaching” program to investigate tip into the less-than-ethical hunters. Thanks to this program, Game and Fish has closed another poaching case in Wyoming.
  • While many coaches throughout the county are reflecting on their basketball seasons, the H.E.M staff is transitioning into Track and Field.
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Officials with a Jackson Hole company wanting to build a wind power plant near Elk Mountain in a core sage grouse area say they don’t want t p comment publicly about the project, but they are attracting attention of state and local officials.
  • Local residents could have their say in the state’s math standards by applying to be part of a review committee through the Wyoming Department of Education.
  • Rawlins residents who are worried about what they’ll do with household garbage and other solid waste after phase two of the landfill is completed can put those fears to rest.
  • The Saratoga Panthers basketball team concluded their season on a positive note, and are already looking to the future.
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Officials confirmed Monday that Carbon County was not affected by a CenturyLink failure that caused a 911 system outage across the state.
  • Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, without comment Monday, signed into law the compromise bill cutting funding to Wyoming schools by 34-million dollars beginning July 1st.
  • In Saratoga: The Public Works department is preparing an application for a nine hundred thousand dollar grant from the State Loan and Investment Board to improve the municipal lagoon system.
  • In Rawlins: The amount of funding available for the installation of the new roof on the Hugus Ferguson building which will eventually house the Carbon County Museum took a confusing turn.
  • To raise funds for exercise equipment and provide a fun activity for families, the Saratoga Recreation Department is bringing back a donkey basketball game to the community.
  • In a follow up to Monday’s story on the Rawlins boys basketball team, Bigfoot 99 caught up with Head Coach Denver Allard.
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Monday, March 13, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Now that schools have a better idea of how much funding they will recieve for the upcoming year, Carbon County School District Two is holding a special meeting to discuss their budget.
  • Across the State, communities are getting ready for the annual Jackalope Jump to benefit Special Olympics.
  • The U.S Attorney for Wyoming, Christoper Crofts, resigned his post Friday as requested by the Trump Administration.
  • As a part of a new marketing plan aimed at millennials, the Wyoming Beef Council has released it annual report.
  • The Saratoga Airport Board took suggestions on Wednesday from hangar owners for the lease agreement that the town attorney is currently reviewing.
  • The Rawlins boys basketball team came up short at the state tournament.
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