Monday, June 26, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Slight changes to policies and the adoption of contracts took the majority of discussion at Carbon County School District One’s board meeting Thursday evening.
  • Members of the Rawlins City Council took time last week to celebrate City Attorney, Amy Bach, who is the new head of the Wyoming Association of Local Government Attorneys.
  • In Saratoga, town officials moving forward with developing plans to enforce its nuisance ordinance with the first steps including informing the public and drafting a letter for those in violation.
  • Carbon County Public Health is taking registration for a program encouraging residents to walk 50 miles in 50 days.
  • The weekend was a quiet one for the Carbon County sports teams, by a few still saw some action.
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Friday, June 23, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • In Rawlins this week, the head of the state’s Prevention Management Organization- a health department that deals with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as suicide – related issues – tried to explain why cuts made by the legislature that were meant to eliminate administrative positions actually resulted in pink slips for PMO field staff around Wyoming, including Carbon County.
  • A Saratoga teacher is hoping to implement a community program that would provide books to children from birth to age five every month.
  • In Rawlins: City officials are pleased with the results of the community cleanup held in early June.
  • The Saratoga boys basketball team is on track to close out an off-season in fine form after a successful month of June.
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Tuesday evening the Saratoga Town Council approved an operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Fundraisers come in different shapes and sizes, and some are more creative than others.
  • After discussions were rekindled a few weeks ago, the Saratoga Town Council is developing more plans to establish a memorial a local soldier Sergeant Tyler Pickett.
  • Keeping with tradition, the City of Rawlins has yet again declared Thursdays as  “No Cooking Thursdays,” encouraging residents and visitors alike to enjoy meals prepared by vendors and free concerts as part of the summer Music in the Park series.
  • The Little Snake River student athletes are on a non-stop pace as they take pride in the amount of work put in over the summer.
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • In adopting a budget on third and final reading last night for the upcoming fiscal year, Rawlins City Council reached a compromise agreement that funds each of the 14 agencies that requested money, including the chamber of commerce.
  • Now that the Brush Creek Hayden Ranger District office and compound have been incorporated into the Town of Saratoga, forest service officials are making plans to connect to the municipal water and sewer system.
  • While some high schools are winding down their basketball training programs, H.E.M is all in on their all sport training program. Bigfoot99 looks deeper into how the Miners train.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Five people died ni a head-on collision Friday afternoon on Wyoming 789, the Baggs Road.
  • After successfully completing an in-patient treatment program, a Medicine Bow drug dealer was sentenced Monday to three years of supervised probation for distribution of methamphetamine.
  • Tonight, the controversial budget for the upcoming fiscal year in Rawlins faces a third and final reading at City Council this evening.
  • State lawmakers are continuing to analyze funding for schools to prepare for potential cuts in Wyoming’s education system.
  • The Rawlins Lady Outlaw basketball team continues to make strides during their off-season workout program.
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Monday, June 19, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Despite a few hurdles thrown at the Rawlins Chamber of Commerce in the last month, the chamber continues to move forward.
  • At Carbon County School District One’s next board meeting on Thursday, the trustees will vote on recommendations to fill the three open Rawlins principal positions.
  • As previously reported on Bigfoot99, mosquitoes have their annual summer appearance.
  • The Carbon County Impact Joint Powers Board and the Saratoga Public Works Department are moving forward with projects to improve the town’s water lagoon system.
  • This week a pair of county 6-man football players will head to Kaycee to prepare for the 6th annual Wyoming vs. Nebraska Shootout.
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Friday, June 16, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • After voting to annex the U.S Forest Service Brush Creek Hayden District office into Saratoga town limits, officials  are working on zoning issues and a sewer plan to complete the transition.
  • For recent high school graduates and other young adults, Wyoming’s Job Corps program, based it of Riverton can help with vocational and trade courses, at no cost.
  • While the Saratoga Police Department expected to have its new 911 system up and running this morning, the agency is experiencing a delay of about two days.
  • In Rawlins,
  • In Rawlins, annual maintenance on the underpass that connects the city’s southside to Cedar Street will require area residents to plan an alternate route on Monday.
  • The summer is full of all-star games.
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • The Carbon County Commissioners spent three hours yesterday morning making changes to its Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budget.
  • It’s all about being smart with money at the state level as well.
  • In Saratoga, the planning commission is considering a crack down on violations of the town’s nuisance ordinance.
  • After a week of intensive testing, Sasha, Carbon County’s arson detection dog and her handlers have successfully re-certified and were back on the job Sunday.
  • The Rawlins boys basketball team is having a great off-season as the Outlaws put themselves in a position to grow, and to become a feared program in 3A.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Last Thursday and Friday, Carbon County School District Two Superintendent Jim Copeland attended the annual Wyoming School Administrators Meeting.
  • In Rawlins, city officials are working with other agencies and government entities to create an attractive park and fishing spot in the Tin Can Hill area.
  • In Saratoga, The Upper Platte Valley River Solid Waste Disposal District is wrapping up work on the town’s new transfer station, with plans to be fully operational by July 1st.
  • Kasin York of the Saratoga rodeo team capped off an incredible first season with a ticket to the High School National Finals Rodeo.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Comments made by Rawlins Mayor Robert Grauberger during last week’s city council meeting that the purported sale of the Historic Downtown Depot was just a bad joke are not true, according to well-placed sources with in the city.
  • Summer fun turned to tragedy over the weekend at the south end of the Platte Valley when two people died in a pair of unrelated incidents.
  • A man involved with meth king pin Bobbie Steinfeldt was sentenced to seven to ten years in prison yesterday of kidnapping and assaulting another individual in the Rawlins crime circle.
  • While Rawlins was up in arms last night at the Wyoming Top 100 shooting workshop, the Silver Spur Ranch of Encampment is playing their part in the sport as well.

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