Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Today’s Headlines:

  • If everything goes according to plan, the Carbon County Youth Crisis Center will be under construction soon. With funding already in place and blueprints already drawn out, officials expect to award a bid for the work as soon as May 1st.
  • A Rawlins man, who is allegedly known around town for selling marijuana to teens, was in court Monday and pleaded not guilty to charges of trying to distribute methamphetamine.
  • Several local fire departments responded to a garage fire at 1126 South Jeffers in Rawlins on Sunday afternoon.
  • The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public input on a proposed transmission line near the Shirley Basin. An open house on the project is being held in Hanna this evening from 5 to 7 pm.
  • Wyoming Football Head Coach Craig Bohl was in Saratoga yesterday to help raise funds for the Platte Valley Community Center and took time to answer questions from the public.
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Monday, April 23, 2018

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Every year, the Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems crowns one town as have the “Best Tasting Drinking Water” and sends the municipality off to compete nationally. The winner for 2018 is Saratoga.
  • Rawlins residents may have noticed plumes of smoke coming from the area of 9th and Pine Streets beginning Friday evening. As part of a rare training opportunity, firefighters from Carbon County and across the state practiced fire suppression and investigation in an old motel condemned by the City.
  • Wanting to land larger aircraft at the Saratoga Jet Center, the town’s airport board and the FBO are looking to start work on refreshing the airport master plan.
  • The Carbon County track teams, for the most part, were able to get out and compete over the weekend. The Wyoming Football team held their annual Spring Game.
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Friday, April 20, 2018

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Gary Ervine hasn’t got much sleep this week. He’s been putting out fires, literal and figurative ones. Ervine owns Saratoga Forest Management. He doesn’t remember the exact time that the first flames were spotted Monday afternoon, but other details of the early moments of the fire that swept through the back lot of his saw mill a burned into his memory.
  • A jury trial has been scheduled to take place a year from now for a civil lawsuit against the City of Rawlins and two of its police officers stemming from an incident two years ago when the cops shot and killed an unarmed Colorado man.
  • Carbon County students received a crash course in the agriculture industry during the 25th Annual Ag Expo held yesterday.
  • Carbon County School District #2 is moving forward with two large construction projects, the replacement of an HVAC system at HEM and the remodel of the vocational agriculture shop in Encampment.
  • The City of Rawlins will once again offer seedlings and ready-to-plant trees to area residents as part of it’s upcoming Arbor Day celebration.
  • The county track teams are eager to get back into competition after Mother Nature put a damper on recent matches.
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Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Hot dogs and bottled water are not going to cut it for the hardcore golf crowd. So, Rawlins city officials come up with a plan for dealing with the lack of a restaurant concessionaire at the Rochelle Ranch Golf Course.
  • In Saratoga, firefighters continue to mop up spot fires still burning in some of the sawdust piles behind the mill. In the meantime, some of the mill’s neighbors are expressing concerns about procedures at the facility that might have led to this week’s big fire.
  • Carbon County residents who recently purchased bagged salads containing chopped romaine lettuce are advised not to consume the products because they may contain a nasty bacteria.
  • In Rawlins, residents will have the option of disposing much of their construction and demolition waste for free at the municipal landfill this summer, but they’ll have to haul it themselves.
  • The Wyoming Football Team is making strides of improvement as Spring Camp is winding down.


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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Because of the efforts of firefighters from just about every agency in the county, the Saratoga mill fire has been contained. While still smoldering even today, the new command center stationed on the overlook above the mill is handling the control and cleanup with a much smaller crew.
  • Carbon County Commissioners voted Tuesday to proceed with litigation aimed at holding major drug manufacturers and distributors financially responsible for what has been described as an opioid epidemic.
  • With just a few weeks left in his interim position as the Brush Creek Hayden District Ranger, Doug Myhre is looking to finish a few projects before turning his role over to a new ranger.
  • The Little Snake River track team is once again having a solid season overall but it has slowed down a bit recently.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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Today’s Headlines:

  • The saw mill in Saratoga is still standing today after a massive fire burned through the back yard of the facility Monday. The fire raced a mile or more to the north, torching everything in its path. The fire burned through the night as high winds hampered efforts to extinguish the flames. It is still an active scene with charred remnants of wood piles and fresh cut logs still belching smoke and flames.
  • Some residents in the neighborhoods around the saw mill were evacuated Monday evening. However, Carbon County Emergency Management Coordinator John Zieger said they were all allowed to return home a few hours later. Zieger said cots were set up at the gym in the Platte Valley Community Center were not needed. Meanwhile, power was also turned off to the affected neighborhoods for a time. Joe Parrie with Carbon Power and Light said electricity had been restored to all but a few residences around Saratoga Lake by ten o’clock last night. Parrie said local fire officials requested that the power be removed from the line on the north side of the mill yard around 4 pm. Those lost lines were lost when power poles were consumed in the flames. Parrie added that many of Carbon Power’s line workers double as volunteer firemen and are on the scene of the fire this morning. Meanwhile, Jim Piche with the Ryan Park Volunteer Fire Department said response teams will likely be on the scene of the fire for the next few days.
  • Two men facing charges in separate assault cases pleaded not guilty in Carbon County District Court.
  • In Rawlins, a series of troublesome waterlines and sewer mains will soon be repaired or replaced as part of the 2018 water and sewer improvement project. The City first went out to bid on the project in March. During tonight’s meeting, members of the Rawlins City Council will award the work to one of four companies that chose to bid.
  • Due to budget constraints, the Carbon County Higher Education Center is proposing to reduce the number of college courses high school students can take and to limit classes that will be available.
  • The Saratoga track team handled business over the past week as they were able to attend two meets.
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Monday, April 16, 2018

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Today’s Headlines:

  • When the Carbon County Museum finally moves to its new facility in Rawlins, it will be home to 30-thousand pieces of local history and legend. The new museum will also feature a state-of-the-art book store. During a special book signing event held last week, the museum’s director announced that the book store will be named for best-selling author and friend of the museum, CJ Box.
  • Eighty-eight Wyoming State Penitentiary inmates have been relocated to a prison in Mississippi.
  • Wyoming hunters are advised to pay attention to the Game and Fish Department’s website for updates as the Commission takes the next steps to implement several new hunting-related laws.
  • Mother Nature threw her hand into the mix for the second weekend in a row but a couple of the county’s teams made their matches.
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Friday, April 13, 2018

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Almost a year after cracking down on the enforcement of Saratoga’s nuisance ordinance, the Planning Commission addressed several citizen complaints at their Tuesday meeting.
  • The Wyoming American Red Cross is recruiting volunteers for a variety of positions within the agency. Speaking to an emergency preparedness group in Rawlins yesterday, Red Cross workers talked about their need for help in Carbon County.
  • In Hanna, having success with securing grants in the past, the Marshal’s office is now applying for two Homeland Security grants and another from the USDA.
  • In Washington, with controversy over excessive spending and other charges surrounding EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, the US Senate voted Thursday to confirm Andrew Wheeler as the number two man at the environmental agency. The vote was 53-45 with all Republicans present voting for the nomination. They were joined by three Democrats who are running for re-election in heavily Republican states. Democrats opposing the nomination argued that if Pruitt is ousted, Wheeler could replace him. Democrats said they wanted a more vigorous vetting process. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, in a floor speech before the vote, said Wheeler is uniquely qualified for the job. Yesterday’s vote means that if Pruitt is fired or resigns, Wheeler would become acting administrator, once he is sworn in at the EPA.
  • In Sports: The busy week continues for the county track teams and the Rawlins soccer team looks to make stride with a double header.
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Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Today’s Headlines:

  • The municipal golf course in Rawlins opens for the season on Saturday, but the restaurant won’t. The City failed to secure a concessionaire, so food services at Rochelle Ranch will be limited to hot dogs and drinks served by city employees, at least for now.
  • In Saratoga, after reviewing two options dealing with mobile home parks, the Planning Commission has decided to move forward by cleaning up a draft ordinance which will create a new zone specifically for mobile home districts.
  • According to data just out, Wyoming’s population of gray wolves remained above federally required recovery standards again this year. Under an agreement with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is required to produce an accurate population estimate each year. According to the latest count from December 31, 2017, the minimum population in Wyoming stood at 347 wolves. At a minimum, 238, were living outside of Yellowstone National Park and the Wind River Reservation. The state is under federal order to maintain 100 wolves and 10 breeding pairs outside of Yellowstone and the Reservation. The report’s authors note that 2017 was the 16th year Wyoming exceeded the minimum criteria.
  • Insiders say Kelly Bohanen will be a tough act to follow as director of the Carbon County Museum in Rawlins. Those close to the situation believe they have found the right successor in Dr. Steven Dinero.
  • A preview of a mid-week track meet, along with how the Wyoming Cowboy’s first scrimmage went down.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Invenergy is one step closer to building its wind energy plant at TB Flats north of Medicine Bow with the Carbon County Commissioners approval of their conditional use permit. With one more hoop to go through at the state level, Invenergy hopes to begin construction in the spring of 2019.
  • Charges have been brought against three juveniles who reportedly broke into a storage building at the Wyoming Frontier Prison and then deliberately set a fire last month.
  • Members of Ryan Park and Saratoga Search and Rescue squads participated in locating a lost snowmobile rider in the Snowy Range over the weekend. According to a news release from the Carbon County Sheriff’s Department, the team responded to a call for assistance Saturday morning after a Loveland, Colorado man became separated from his party near Matt Hill west of Lake Marie. The missing man, 32-year old Lee Kooienga, was unable to make it out of the area on his machine after it ran out of fuel. He had the provisions and outdoor experience to make camp Friday night and was discovered the following morning as he walked out of his location. Participating in the call were Homer Beach, Don Beach, James Willis, Tom Hunt, and Bill Young of Ryan Park. Also responding were Pat Waliser of Saratoga and Sam Sikes of Hanna. Deputy John Moore of the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office also assisted.
  • In accordance with national observances, the Board of Carbon County Commissioners and the Rawlins City Council have proclaimed this week National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.
  • As the second half of the track season begins this week, HEM will be a busy team after having to take an extra week off due to weather.
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