August 1, 2022 |

CNN wanted to know what Wyoming voters think about Liz Cheney, and the ultra-liberal news channel got more than they bargained for. The reporters turned out to Cheyenne Frontier Days last week and residents didn’t hold back.

Only one person spoke in favor of Cheney in the final cut of the story that made it to air.

Perhaps one of the few people in Wyoming not willing to express their opinion about Congresswoman Cheney is the governor. During last week’s debate, Governor Gordon was asked to weigh in, but he declined.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday that Cheney’s high-profile presence on the January 6 committee is mostly a fundraising operation for her campaign. A graph from May through July using Federal Elections Commission data shows Cheney’s campaign contributions spike on the same day as the committee’s televised hearings. Most of the contributions are from outside Wyoming.

Click the image above to watch the video.
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