Today’s Headlines:

  • The City of Rawlins and two of its police officers are facing a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from an incident two years ago when the cops shot and killed an unarmed Colorado man suspected of selling pot outside a local convenience store. The lawsuit will allege that dash-cam video of the incident does not support officers’ version of what happened. The attorney who is bringing the lawsuit on behalf of the victim’s family also says the “special prosecutor” who ruled that the shooting was justified was a high school friend of one of the officers.
  • The Boys and Girls Club in Rawlins was closed on Thursday due to a water break in a privately owned water line.
  • As the county’s Local Emergency Planning Committee heads in to the New Year, the group is calling upon members of the public to start attending the monthly meetings and offer their perspectives. Some emergency response people were unable to attend yesterday’s meeting or arrived late because they had been called out to the dozen different crashes on the Interstate 80 corridor. Conditions were icy and one crash caused the closure of the eastbound lanes for a couple of hours. One of the crashes involved a UPS driver known to a lot of people in the Platte Valley simply as Kurt. A fellow driver out of Casper who would only identify himself as Tim gave an update on Kurt’s condition to Bigfoot 99 this morning.
  • Week number two the winter sports season will be just as jam packed as the first.


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