Governor Mark Gordon and First Lady of Wyoming Jennie Gordon discuss the impacts of COVID-19 during a “fireside chat” via Facebook LIVE Thursday.

Governor orders closure of public places in Wyoming

Life as we knew it is over, at least for now. Even though on Monday, Governor Mark Gordon said life must go on in spite of the spectacle of panic surrounding the emergence of the novel coronavirus, he changed direction yesterday. The governor announced Thursday he is closing restaurants, bars and public spaces for two weeks. It could last longer.

The decision was based on the recommendation of the Wyoming State Health Officer. In a live social media video billed as a “fireside chat,” Gordon said the shuttering of businesses where “more than 10 people” gather is necessary as the state faces an “unprecedented” situation. Click here to view the video.

Earlier this week, President Trump recommended that healthy Americans avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people, avoid discretionary travel and avoid eating and drinking at bars restaurants and public food courts.
Governor Gordon pushed back against the president’s recommendation at first. During a news conference Monday, the governor said life must go on, and dealing with Covid-19 outbreak, didn’t mean “closing everything.”

Governor Gordon last week hosted a conference call alongside Wyoming Department of Health officials with long term care and nursing facilities around the state. Photo courtesy of the Office of Mark Gordon.

That was the governor on Monday when the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wyoming stood at three. By Tuesday, the number had climbed to 10. On Wednesday, the caseload tallied 16. In the governor’s statement yesterday announcing the order, Gordon said 18 cases are now reported in Wyoming. The state department of health’s website had not been updated since Tuesday.

As of early Friday morning, WDOH was still reporting 15 cases, however, later Friday, the WDOH website was updated to 19 cases.The department has not issued news releases with details about the three new cases since Tuesday.

Governor Gordon said last night that the economic impacts from the COVID-19 outbreak combined with the collapse of oil prices this week have conspired to put the country into a recession.

The governor said we are living in unprecedented times and the COVID-19 disease is presenting unique challenges. The governor’s order shutting down public places with more than 10 people went into effect upon its order yesterday, and will remain in place through April 3rd.



Photo by Bigfoot 99.

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