July 16, 2020 |

Governor Mark Gordon yesterday amplified the drumbeat picking up nationwide calling on people to wear face masks in public places.

The Centers for Disease Control on Monday put out an advisory saying that covering up could help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Governor Gordon echoed that view in strong terms yesterday.

The Walmart corporate offices announced yesterday that stores across the country will require shoppers to mask up beginning Monday. Signs are already posted on the doors at the Rawlins store announcing the policy. Menards in Cheyenne already has a similar rule in place. Governor Gordon said he supports the right of businesses to put face masks rules in place.

Later in the news conference, Gordon said he was not ready to institute a Wyoming-wide face mask requirement as some states have, but the idea is still β€œon the table.”

Watch a replay of the press conference here:

Click here for the latest COVID-19 updates from the Wyoming Department of Health


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