March 11, 2022 |

The latest plot twist in the statewide redistricting plan puts the Town of Rock River in Albany County is back into play with Carbon County. Near the end of the afternoon session of the Joint Conference Committee, House Speaker Eric Barlow described where negotiations stand after both public testimony and behind-the-scenes negotiations.

Senate members of the committee met in the morning. House members met in the afternoon where the discussion focused on three amendments. One involves a new map of Carbon and Albany County. The Senate amendment would redraw House District 47 in the so-called 62/31 plan to include Rock River. Michael Swank with the LSO explained the proposed change.

Bairoil is in the same school district, Carbon County 1, as Rawlins. During the morning session, Representative Cathy Connolly of Albany County spoke against the amendment. She said it didn’t make sense because Rock River’s community of interest is with Laramie.

Amendments for Sheridan/Johnson Counties and Natrona County were also discussed during the afternoon session Thursday.

The Joint Conference Committee took no action. The members convene again Friday morning to continue discussions.


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