Former employee files federal lawsuit against Sinclair

The Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company has been named as the defendant in a lawsuit filed in federal court by an ex-employee and former Platte Valley resident. the 27-page document paints a picture of supervisors refusing to discipline one of their own, despite numerous complaints of sexual harassment made by a female worker in the maintenance department. Cali O’Hare reports.



An image of the proposed tower site from the Conditional Use application file. Click to enlarge.

Riverside and Encampment push for different cell tower site

With a cell phone tower proposed at the south end of the Platte Valley, but close to municipal limits, both the Riverside and Encampment town councils are drafting letters to the County Planning Commission stating that a different location would be better. Emma Diercks reports.



State and county halt business with Bank of the West

Wyoming is pushing back against the Bank of the West and its newfound political correctness. State Treasurer Mark Gordon said late last week that his office will stop doing business with the San Francisco-based company because of its sudden anti-carbon stance. The move comes after the French-owned bank said it would stop investing in oil, gas and coal companies.

Blowback to the new policy in Wyoming has been swift. State Treasurer Gordon, who is running for governor, said in a statement that his office will deny any applications from Bank of the West to serve as a depository for state funds. Wyoming operates a program called the Time Deposit Open Account. Banks participating in TDOA can use the state deposits to capitalize loans for their customers. The state has deposited $63 million of public funds in Bank of the West through the program. The Rawlins and Saratoga branches are both approved for TDOA funds. Gordon said the state will cut Bank of the West off the public bankroll in wake of its anti-West attitude. Leland Christensen, a Republican candidate for treasurer, said Friday he will continue the freeze if elected.

Photo: Facebook/LelandforWyoming

Christensen, who faces two Republican opponents in next week’s primary, said there is no room in Wyoming’s banking relationships for those who disrespect the state’s core industries. The deadline for the next round of TDOA applications from state banks is in December. Gordon said he will deny any request from Bank of the West, which has 21 branch offices in Wyoming.

Meanwhile, Carbon County Commissioner John Espy told Bigfoot 99 that the county has been in the process of moving its money out of the two Bank of the West branches here for the last two months. Espy confirmed today that the county has withdrawn all of its money from the bank, but not because of the current controversy. Espy said Bank of the West could not handle large transfers of county money easily, and required the approval of an out-of-state regional manager to conduct the transactions.


Saratoga airport officials consider fees

With more traffic at the Saratoga Jet Center, the town’s airport board is looking at putting landing fees into place to offset expenses for improvements and wear and tear that is likely to take place on the runway. Emma Diercks reports.



Rawlins walking path gets a makeover

Photos: Bigfoot 99/Cali O’Hare.

The 6.8 mile walking path that weaves throughout Rawlins began undergoing a treatment last Thursday meant to preserve its lifespan. Today, portions of the path that were already sealed are jet black and appear shiny, but are safe to walk on. The project, which is funded by the Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company, is expected to take a few more days to complete.



Sports: Cowboys focusing on week one

The Wyoming football team had a closed door practice Saturday, but are starting to set their sights on week number one of the 2018 schedule. Joey Saverine has the story.

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