November 9, 2022 |

A kit and caboodle of kittens were adopted last weekend in Rawlins. Pet Partners of Carbon County were at the Tractor Supply Company on Plaza Street hosting a feline adoption event. The animal rescue only offers cats and kittens for adoption.

Margaret Quintrall is the president of Pet Partners. She said a lot of cats found their forever homes last weekend.

Pictured above: Photo courtesy Pet Partners.

Pet Partners takes cats all the time. Last week, Quintrall said the rescue received 12 sick kittens. Some did not survive. Despite the adoptions over the weekend, Quintrall said more kittens are available.

On November 19th, Pet Partners will host another adoption event at Bomgaars, on North Higley Boulevard. The Pet Partners president said folks can adopt a cat anytime from organization. You don’t have to wait for special events to see the furry felines.

An appointment is required because Pet Partners volunteers foster the cats and kittens in their homes.

While Pet Partners of Carbon County focuses their adoption efforts on cats, Quintrall said they offer veterinary services for dogs as well.

Last weekend’s Pet Partners of Carbon County adoption event saw 12 cats find new homes. If you would like to adopt a cat or kitten, go to the Pet Partners of Carbon County WY Facebook page, or call Margaret Quintrall at 307-321-4024.

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