September 19, 2022 |

Rawlins Police Department is still giving away free gun locks. As reported by Bigfoot 99, members of the public can visit the Rawlins Police Station, at 215 5th Street, and receive a free slide lock or locking gun case.

Rawlins Police Chief Mike Ward said the Rawlins PD is dedicated to informing people about the importance of keeping guns safely stored away. Ward said they still have gun locks for anyone who wants them.

Pictured above: File photo of Rawlins Police Department. Photo by Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.

Accidental shootings are preventable. It is up to every gun owner to be sure that their firearms are secured properly. Keeping guns out of the hands of children is extremely important.

Chief Ward says that, even if you don’t come to the police station for a free lock, you should be sure that your weapons are locked up and out of the reach of kids.

Residents can visit the Rawlins Police Station and ask the front desk clerk for a slide lock or small gun lockbox. They do not require you give any of your information.

The effort to raise awareness about gun safety comes after an accidental shooting in the city involving an eight-year-old earlier this month.

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