May 25, 2023|

Photo – Governor Mark Gordon – Bigfoot99 file photo

The State of Wyoming is hoping to issue a digital token—virtual money—by the end of this year. That was the word yesterday from Governor Mark Gordon.

The Wyoming Legislature started the process of creating a virtual state currency with the passage of the Wyoming Stable Token Act. Governor Gordon is pursuing the project aggressively. His goal is for the state to issue a digital token, or “stable coin,” by the end of this year.

With the project on a fast track, the Stable Token Commission is seeking information from the public.

The commissioners are seeking public comment on how the process to develop the stable token should be established and how the token should be structured.

The Stable Token Commission will hold its next meeting at 1:30 pm on June 6 in the Wyoming State Capitol Extension. Additional information may be found on a dedicated web page:

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