Today’s Headlines:

  • Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers now have a new tool in their arsenal. Troopers can now administer anti-overdose medication to people who have misused opioids.
  • In an update, today is decision day for several communities around the county that chose to underwrite public improvement projects with bonds in 2009. Communities have been looking at saving money by paying off the bonds early to save in interest payments. However, the amount needed to pay off the bonds in full is more than expected, so some decisions have to be made.
  • Riverside and Encampment have joined the Continental Divide Trail Gateway Community initiative to welcome hikers traveling the 3,100 mile trail.
  • The US Congress only awards one honor to the nation’s youth. This past weekend, 16 teenagers from Carbon County were among 169 of their Wyoming peers honored for their commitment to excellence and service at the Congressional Awards Ceremony in Cheyenne.
  • The University of Wyoming Football team is looking to make history today at the NFL Draft.


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