Photo: Emma Diercks/Bigfoot 99.

Saratoga Mayor Zeiger appoints new chief of police, town attorney

The new Saratoga Town Council was sworn into office Wednesday evening. In his first act as mayor, John Zeiger made new appointments for town attorney and chief of police. Emma Diercks was there and filed this report.



Photo: Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.

New Rawlins City Council takes over

It was out with the old and in with the new at Wednesday night’s Rawlins City Council meeting. Before the new council took over and a mayor installed, however, the old council voted “no action” on leftover business stemming from a controversial executive session in April.

The expected “no action” vote nullifies what council denied it did – apparently affirming that Wyoming Waste Systems, one of the city’s two trash haulers, is in compliance with its contract.

The vote is part of the city’s legal strategy to fend off a lawsuit from the other trash hauler, Dirty Boyz Sanitation, which claims the decision declaring its competitor compliant, was made illegally behind closed doors.

Although the lawsuit continues in court, the “no action” vote resets the issue for the new council, which will rehash whether Wyoming Waste System’s unmanned office complies with city guidelines. Dirty Boyz Sanitation owner Rose Cain claims the city requires her business to operate under stricter rules at greater expense.

After it was seated, the new council voted to delay renewing the licenses for the two haulers – which was also on last night’s agenda – until the compliance issue is decided. Council will pick up the issue at its January 15th meeting.


Changes coming to WGFD license fees and expiration dates

Hunters and anglers will notice a couple changes implemented by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department when they purchase their licenses this year. These include a credit card processing fee and an expiration date for yearlong licenses. Emma Diercks reports.



Hunter Education course scheduled this month in Rawlins

Carbon County residents interested in enrolling in a Hunter Education course are encouraged to take advantage of the upcoming class scheduled in Rawlins. Anyone born after January 1, 1966 who is planning to hunt game in Wyoming must successfully complete one of the courses. Cali O’Hare has the details.



Photo: Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.

Water line breaks in Rawlins

Crews worked to repair yet another water line break Wednesday on Coulson Parkway in Rawlins. This break is one of eight water line breaks the Rawlins Department of Public Works has responded to within the last month. Cali O’Hare has more.



Sports: Carbon County high schools stood out in 2018

The past year played out well for the Carbon County sports programs. Joey Saverine takes a look at some of the highlights.

More Highlights:

  • Wyoming basketball teams lose to Boise State in conference openers.
  • Josh Allen named AFC Offensive Player of the Week.
  • Broncos detail what they’re looking for in new head coach.


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