Today’s Headlines:

  • Southeast Wyoming stood up to the westerly winds that pounded it yesterday. High Wind Warnings were in effect until last night for Carbon County, but the area seems to have been unscathed for the most part.
  • While Carbon County School District #1 has general guidelines in place to collect unpaid balances from meal charges, no policy actually details the process. Trustees are working to implement a policy that can be referred to in the future.
  • The smell of natural gas at Rawlins High School led to the temporary evacuation of students and faculty Wednesday. Firefighters responding to the call determined the cause was a faulty regulator on a meter outside the building and classes were allowed to resume.
  • As a local public lands committee looks into the future status of several wilderness study areas in the county, one option under consideration is designating the Encampment River as Wild and Scenic.
  • In sports, the volleyball and girl’s swimming seasons come to an exciting transit this weekend.


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