Today’s Headlines:

  • A wind energy developer from Colorado, Invenergy, held two area open houses this week for proposed wind projects near Medicine Bow. The company hopes to begin construction in 2019.
  • In an update to a story first reported by Bigfoot 99, the Rawlins City Council will not adjust the city’s water fees this year, but a sewer fee increase is likely to take place before the end of Fiscal Year 2017-2018. During Tuesday’s city council work session, officials worked through three options for the potential increase.
  • The Saratoga Town Council stated at their Tuesday evening  meeting that new enforcement of the nuisance ordinance focuses on public rights-of-way. However, private properties posing immediate threats will also receive notice to clean up.
  • In Washington, Senator John Barrasso yesterday renewed his pledge to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Speaking on the senate floor, Barrasso – a longtime critic of Obamacare- said Americans, especially those who pay for their own health insurance and don’t look to the federal government for assistance, are bracing for double digit increases. Barrasso said the lack of competition in marketplaces like Wyoming is one reason for skyrocketing prices. The other, Wyoming’s junior senator said, is the tax hikes built into Obamacare that are now beginning to trigger. Monday was the deadline for the nation’s health insurance providers to declare what they will charge next year. Companies are passing on the tax increase to their customers, who will pay higher premiums (Barrasso said by about $500 per family next year). Removing the health insurance tax was part of the Republican’s failed repeal and replace plan earlier this year.
  • The Senate Health Committee began hearings yesterday to find ways to shore up individual markets that could be without any Obamacare insurance provider next year. Another GOP replacement plan is also in the works that would convert ACA spending into block grants for states.
  • In Rawlins, city officials discussed potential community projects that could benefit from the just over $8,000 the municipality has received as a member of the Wyoming Community Gas program.
  • Sports: Rawlins will see some middle of the week action as a couple of programs compete.


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