Today’s Headlines:

  • The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has plans to place an air quality monitoring machine in Saratoga this summer to measure particulate matter, such as dust and smoke, for a year.
  • City officials in Rawlins are reminding residents to make sure they’re in compliance with nuisance ordinances. Over grown weeds in alley, improperly stored vehicles, wind-blown trash, and damaged fences are just a few of the violations the city’s code enforcement offer deals with regularly.
  • A Wisconsin man, initially pulled over for driving under the influence of methamphetamine, was sentenced in Carbon County District Court on Monday morning for delivering five pounds of marijuana.
  • The new Executive Director of the Carbon County Museum will make his first public appearance in Rawlins on Thursday. Carbon County residents are encouraged to attend.
  • Saratoga Cowboy Kasen York is ready to get back into the swing of things as he is just a couple of weeks out from the Spring Rodeo season.


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