May 17, 2022 |

The University of Wyoming tracks the number of men and women enrolled at the Laramie campus, but don’t tell those students that human biology consists of only two genders. You might get heckled and booed. It happened Saturday.

A UW graduating class jeered Senator Cynthia Lummis as she delivered a commencement speech. Lummis was talking about how social disruptions are testing basic American freedoms to individual liberty when she veered into gender politics and an unwelcome reception.

Pictured above: Senator Cynthia Lummis speaks to University of Wyoming graduates Saturday at Arena-Auditorium in Laramie. Photo courtesy University of Wyoming/YouTube.

Sen. Lummis smiled politely and let the students vent their displeasure at the common sense notion of two genders. She then tried to pacify the assembly with an explanation of her view before abandoning the topic altogether and pivoting to the role of government in using COVID-19 as an excuse to usurp the freedom of religious assembly.


The graduates seemed more receptive to this comment and gave her a pass. UW President Ed Seidel issued a statement about the incident, saying that “UW is an institution that supports its diverse communities.”

Diversity may be a politically correct talking point — but the official university analysis of demographics at the state’s only four-year institution of higher learning reports that “There are 13% more female students than male students enrolled at University of Wyoming a gender of 53% women and 47% men.” The analysis does not list any genders enrolled on campus other than men and women.

Lummis issued a statement following the commencement addressing the incident. Wyoming’s junior senator said, “I share the fundamental belief that women and men are equal, but also acknowledge that there are biological differences and circumstances in which these differences need to be recognized.”

Lummis added that her remarks were not meant to make anyone feel unwelcome.

Click here to watch Lummis’ entire speech on YouTube.

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