Photo: Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.

Rawlins residents appointed to urban deer management committee

Rawlins Mayor Robert Grauberger has appointed two residents to the newly formed Urban Mule Deer Advisory Group. Their job will be to represent the public on the board, which will explore various options for managing the herd that roams the city. Cali O’Hare reports.



Saratoga firefighters still in need of new bunker gear

Firefighters in Saratoga face a problem. The protective flame retardant suits they wear, also known as bunker gear, are aging in in some cases out of compliance with federal standards. Emma Diercks spoke with Saratoga Fire Lieutenant Pat Vining about the situation and filed this report.



File photo.

Rawlins Best Buddies picking up Christmas trees for local residents

Rawlins residents who are ready to say goodbye to their Christmas tree can do so without the hassle of hauling it to the landfill themselves. As part of an effort to give back to the community while raising some funds for an upcoming leadership conference, the Rawlins High School Best Buddies will haul your tree for you. All you have to do is remove the decorations. Cali O’Hare has the details.



Sports: Slow starts hurt Wyoming over the holiday weekend

It was a bleak holiday for the Cowboy basketball team as they lost both contests in the Sun Bowl Invite. Joey Saverine has the story.

More Highlights:
  • Former Wyoming all-time leading rusher Brian Hill goes off over the weekend.
  • Broncos lose to Oakland. Loss results in first back to back loosing seasons in 46 years.


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