March 3, 2021 |

For Wyoming football fans who have longed for a passing game, you may be in luck. Head Coach Craig Bohl says the 2021 season will look normal this year after being handcuffed and made uncertain last season by COVID-19.

Bohl has rebooted the offense with a trio of new coaches. Bohl said Monday that the re-engineered offense will look anything but normal because it is going to take to the air.

One of those weapons is the Mike Grant, the newly appointed coordinator who will be in charge of the wide receivers and the overall air attack. Grant has coached at Wyoming for the last several years. In his new role, Grant said the Cowboys will look to take advantage of the opportunities their strong running game provides.

Using the tight ends will be a big part of that approach. Grant said the tight ends have been a big part of the blocking package on runs, and film has shown that some teams don’t want to cover somebody like Treyton Welch.

Tim Pollasek is the new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Bohl called Pollasek “the new sheriff in town.” There’s no doubt, Pollasek is laying down the law. The past is out. A different scheme is in.

Head Coach Boh said it best: The Cowboys need to kick down the door to a championship this year. Throwing will be big part of it.


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