1. I really like your site and enjoy but one thing I like is your WEB cameras. I live in Southwest Florida and have family and many friends in Saratoga area.
    Anyway your WEB cam photo of the Saratoga’s main interesting is something I enjoy looking at but it is not working and what is on there is from last summer.
    Please excuse the rant and keep up your good work.

  2. Jim,

    We moved our studios and business office to a new location three blocks north in July. This web cam shot is like the last moments of computer, HAL, singing “Daisy” in the movie “2001, A Space Odyssey” as it was being deprogrammed and taken off-line by the astronaut, Dave.

    We have not installed a camera at our new location yet, but will be doing so in 2020. We’ve been busy with other radio work associated with the move.

    Thanks for checking in and the comment. Cheers!
    Jim O’Reilly


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