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Friday’s momentous Supreme Court decision overturning 50 years of Roe v. Wade as the law of the land drew a wild range of reactions over the weekend. One of the most insightful, disguised as satire, was the Babylon Bee’s observation that “Dems pause January 6 hearings to call for insurrection.” Calls for Left-wing violence began immediately after the 6-3 ruling threw out Roe on grounds that activist ideology on the 1973 Court had resulted in constitutional overreach. Friday’s ruling ignited reactions from prayerful celebrations to mob violence.
Since taking over the county-owned youth crisis center in Rawlins, the organization that now runs it has learned two important facts about the area. One, good help is hard to find and keep. Two, the shelter serves a critical need in Carbon County. So, Volunteers of America Northern Rockies is struggling to keep the operation open with a bare-bones staff. Pictured above: Stepping Stones Youth Home operated by Volunteers of America Northern Rockies. Photo by Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.
Rainbow Gatherings, like the one coming together on the Routt National Forest north of Hayden, Colorado, are “unlawful” events that can be managed to some degree, but not prevented or shut down. This was the message from U.S. Forest Service Officials during a virtual online meeting last night. Ken Pearson, the Law Enforcement Commander for the incident, said about 1,000 people are on site. The gathering doesn’t begin until July 1st. Given the number of early arrivals, Pearson said the event could draw more than 10,000 revelers. Pictured above: A photograph of the scene Monday in the Adams Park of the Routt National Forest area shows that the first of the Rainbows have arrived. Photo courtesy Lenny Layman, Carbon County Emergency Manager.
Wyoming State Health Officer Alexia Harrist, adhering to guidelines laid out by the Centers for Disease Control, recommended that children as young as six months old should be injected with COVID-19 drugs. Her advice, contained in a news release Monday from the Wyoming Department of Health, follows the “emergency authorization” by the Food and Drug Administration of both the Pfizer and Moderna series of shots for children under the age of five. File photo.
Governor Mark Gordon filed an appeal with the Department of Interior on Friday over the Bureau Land Management’s secretive deal to buy the sprawling Marton Ranch in Natrona and Carbon Counties. In the appeal, the governor questioned why the Bureau flew the agency’s largest-ever purchase of Wyoming land under the radar until the record of decision was announced on May 18th. Governor Gordon said the Bureau’s “cavalier disregard for public notice and participation violates the spirit if not the letter of the law.” Pictured above: Photo from Marton Ranch real estate listing from
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