A listener sent this photo of a gas station in Medicine Bow. That’s a deal!
Average price in Wyoming this week: $2.13/gal, according to GasBuddy.com.

The web site that tracks the price of gas at the pump across the country shows the average in Rawlins this week is $2.36 to $2.41/gallon.

Good day, Mr. O’Reilly,

My name is Vince Martin. I hold a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Wyoming (2004). I am proud of my graduate work under Professor Lewis J. Noe where I conducted my research determining a 15 minute test for a breast cancer tumor marker known as HERS-2.

I am also a Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company employee working in the Laboratory. I am a proud Wyomingite so much so I’ve declined several job opportunities in both California and Colorado such that I may live in the beautiful Encampment area.

I do agree that the COVID-19 must be taken seriously, however without additional testing we have really no data on the number of positive vs. negative results either within Carbon County or Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company.

Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company is currently reducing the number of contractors on site which I strongly support from both a health and economic perspective.

I support our management (Salt Lake City) in their efforts to reduce the number of contractors on site from numerous states entering Sinclair property. Sinclair has been and always will be a premier and world class employer within the county.

I must inform you that as a true scientist, the data and statistics must speak for itself however we lack sufficient data to arrive at any conclusions at this point in time in Carbon County due to the very and I mean very few number of analysis being conducted.

Please feel free to publish my commentary above and contact me at any time.

Mr. O’Reilly I am a huge music fan of red dirt country, metal and rock through the ’80’s. Your knowledge however is far and away above mine. The Whisky Myers concert in Laramie was fantastic. Could you please play my most favorite artist Cody Jinks “Ready for the Times to get Better.”

This Week At A Glance:

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The state laboratory is tightening the filter on who can be tested for the novel coronavirus in Wyoming. The Wyoming Department of Health made the announcement yesterday. Dwindling lab supplies needed to do the testing is the reason for tighter protocols, state health department officials said.
Wyoming courts are extending social distancing measures that begun last month that canceled many in-person proceedings. As a result, trials have been rescheduled. Video conferencing is being used for other court business.
Set to expire April 10th, the measures will continue through May, Chief Justice Michael K. Davis said Wednesday. Photo by Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.
Another 14 cases of COVID-19 were reported in Wyoming Tuesday, pushing the total past the century mark for the first time to a total of 120. By Wednesday late morning, the count had increased to 130. Image courtesy of CDC.
With the coronavirus caseload in Wyoming reaching past the milestone mark of 100 overnight, Governor Mark Gordon said yesterday that the bug has arrived here and is likely present throughout the state. The department of health put the number of confirmed cases at 109 across in 15 counties. Just last week, the number of confirmed cases was 26. The governor called the increase “significant.” While hinting that a shelter in place order for the state is still an option, the governor did say he is looking at extending the current public health orders on social distancing to the end of April. Image courtesy of the Office of Governor Mark Gordon.
Brace for more impact. The statewide closures of schools and businesses across Wyoming in response to the spread of coronavirus will last at least until April 17, and likely longer. Governor Mark Gordon on Friday extended the duration of the three public health orders curtailing public life two weeks beyond the original deadline of this April 3rd. The end date may be extended again. Pictured: Governor and First Lady Gordon discuss the COVID-19 pandemic Saturday in a Facebook video.
The latest count of COVID-19 cases in Wyoming tallies 53. That’s up 12 from yesterday, according to data from the state department of health. Three of the latest cases are in Cheyenne. Ten counties in all are reporting at least one positive test result. Three infections are reported in Carbon County, at least two in one household. Governor Mark Gordon told Wyoming residents yesterday that they should stay at home to, in his words, to “flatten the curve” in the rise of new cases seen this week.


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