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The Saratoga Town Council will hold a workshop this evening to update the public on ongoing litigation surrounding a 16-year-long property dispute that remains unresolved. A release Friday from the town clerk said council will also seek public input into the matter.
The dispute concerns ongoing negotiations between Randy Stevens, the town and the conservation district. All three entities have a stake in the dispute. Resolving the dispute has been complicated by the actions of each.
Mining on the Stevens property over the last 15 years has altered the landscape at 800 River Street. The town built a sheer steel wall to shore up the resulting cliff wall outside of court orders. And a structure owned by the conservation district south of the Stevens property was built outside its legal offset encroaching the town alley on its north side. Pictured above: File photo of Saratoga Town Hall/Police Department. Photo by Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.
Valley Village Childcare has big changes in mind for the building that is now serves as home Platte Valley Clinic.
The clinic will relocate to the North Platte Valley Medical Center when construction of the new hospital is completed. Then in, checkerboard fashion, the Valley Village Childcare will relocate the daycare to where the clinic is now. This is the plan, anyway, according to Ellie Dana, vice-chairperson of the Valley Village board of directors.
The building that houses the clinic, at 1208 South River Street, is known as the Ray A. Corbett Medical Building. The Town of Saratoga owns the building. Pictured above: File photo of the Ray A. Corbett Medical Building. Photo by Bigfoot 99.
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