October 26, 2023 |

Photo – Wall outlet – Bigfoot99 file photo

HF Sinclair will pay to add additional electrical outlets to the Jeffery Center in Rawlins.

During the October 17th Board of Carbon County Commissioners meeting, County Attorney Ashley Davis asked the board to sign a contract with Zumbrennen Electric. Attorney Davis said the local contractor will install more electrical outlets in the Jeffery Memorial Community Center.

Attorney Davis said HF Sinclair already donated $10,200 to the county to pay for the electrical outlets. The county attorney presented the board with the contract with Zumbrennen Electric.

Commissioner John Espy motioned to have Commission Chairwoman Sue Jones sign the contract. Chairwoman Jones repeated the motion and asked the board for comments. Commissioner John Johnson took the opportunity to thank the oil company for its generosity.

The commissioners agreed to allow HF Sinclair to pay for the additional electrical outlets in the Jeffery Center. With more plugs, the building will be able to host larger events. No date was given for the installation of the outlets.

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