Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Today’s Headlines:

  • Whipped by strong westerly winds, the Badger Creek Fire burned through a six-mile stretch of beetle-killed pine and dried out vegetation on Monday. Its massive column of smoke was visible from a weather satellite in space. When the smoke cleared last night, officials estimated that the fire had grown to 23-hundred acres. A crew of 70 firefighters with the help from six fixed-wing aircraft tried to slow the advance of the fire through the morning. By early afternoon, flames leaped the state highway on their big run to the east. Aaron Voos with the US Forest Service said that forced more evacuations and the closure of Wyoming 230.
  • Rawlins residents came out in droves to take advantage of the annual Free Dump Days hosted by the City of Rawlins – Public Works Department. The week long event wrapped up Sunday afternoon.
  • School security tops the list of subjects being discussed by the Legilature’s Joint Education Committee during its interim meetings this summer. The committee met last week to discuss options that could be implemented in Wyoming schools to keep students safe.
  • Little Snake River football coach, Jack Cobb, was part of the staff leading the South roster in the 2018 Shrine Bowl.