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307 GoFast on Ice is holding its inaugural ice racing tournament on Saratoga Lake in early 2023. Competitors from across the region are invited to participate in any of the multiple categories of events that will be staged on two Saturdays, one in January and the other in February.

Illegally stocked yellow perch were discovered in Saratoga Lake during last year’s Ice Fishing Derby. This summer, Wyoming Game and Fish initiated a successful kill-off using a toxin called rotenone. The state wildlife agency’s goal was to empty the lake of all fish and, next spring, stock it with farm raised trout.

With the lake devoid of fish, the 2022 Saratoga Ice Fishing Derby has been canceled. Tyler Roy, co-owner of 307 GoFast, said it was the perfect time to organize an ice racing competition on the water.

Inspired by similar competitions in Walden, Colorado, the 307 GoFast team wanted to introduce ice racing to Saratoga. Roy said he wants to start small. Only 3 types of vehicles can to participate.

Participants will need ice racing tires to gain traction on the frozen lake. Because of the increased risk, Roy said specialized safety equipment will be mandated in the rule set. He added the 307 GoFast team are still putting the finishing touches on their rule book. It will be on their Facebook page when all regulations have been finalized.

Held on the southern tip of Saratoga Lake, the oval track was designed by Phillip Smith, a fellow 307 GoFast organizer. Roy said he and his team have settled on the shape of the circuit, but they will need information about ice thickness to determine the exact layout.

Races will be held on January 14th and February 11th. The 307 GoFast co-owner said vendors will be on site during the event. Sanitary facilities and garbage cans are being donated by local companies. There is an admission fee. Roy said volunteers will be stationed around the area to sell tickets.

Spectators aren’t the only people the 307 GoFast team are trying to attract. Roy said, in order for the event to be a success, they need as many participants as possible.

Entry fees for race participants are $100 a vehicle for either the January or February race, or $180 to participate in both. Money collected from the entry fees will be awarded to the top three winners of each vehicle class. Roy said, at this time, he wasn’t willing to delve into the specifics of how the money will be portioned out.

The 307 GoFast team are purposely keeping this year’s event small in case they are unable to attract many competitors. Roy said he hopes the inaugural ice race is a large enough success to make it a regular event. He said he would like to expand into other types of racing.

Roy said the 307 GoFast on Ice event is his way of offering Saratoga residents another winter activity. If the event is a success, he said he hopes to also host races in the spring on some of the area’s mountain roads. Susan Smith, another 307 GoFast organizer echoed Roy’s desire to help the town and start a new tradition.

The first ever 307 GoFast on Ice will be held on the southern tip of Saratoga Lake on January 14th and February 11th. Side by sides, ATVs, and dirt bikes are welcome to participate. Race fees are $100 for one day or $180 for both. All entry fees will be awarded to the top three finishers in each vehicle class. Call Tyler Roy at 321-7141 or Susan Smith at 321-1404, or visit the 307 GoFast Facebook page for more information. All drivers and passengers are required to have suitable safety equipment.

The full rule set will be posted on the 307 GoFast Facebook page in the near future.

Tyler Roy and the other 307 GoFast organizers are hoping to bring more motorsports into the Valley. Their 307 GoFast on Ice is being used as a test bed, of sorts, to gauge the public’s interest in hosting more of these types of events.

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