September 18, 2023 |

Photo – Alcova Dam – Courtesy

The Bureau of Reclamation will begin lowering the water level in Alcova Reservoir after the irrigation season draws to a close. The annual drawdown will begin on Friday, October 1.

Boat owners and recreationists should be aware of the declining water level of the reservoir and take precautions as needed.

During October, the reservoir water surface elevation will drop to about 10 feet, at a rate of about four inches per day. During winter months, Alcova is maintained at a level of about 5,488 feet. Water released in the drawdown will be captured downstream in Glendo Reservoir.

Alcova Dam is on the North Platte River about 35 miles southwest of Casper. The dam forms a reservoir from which water is diverted into Casper Canal for irrigation of lands in the Kendrick Project near Casper.

Winter releases from Alcova Reservoir generally provide power generation and relocate storage water into Glendo Reservoir for delivery the following spring and summer. Alcova Power Plant is located just downstream of Alcova Dam and has two 20.7 megawatt generating units.

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