November 8, 2022 |

The Carbon County Stock Growers Association will host its annual meeting and dinner this Saturday in Saratoga. The $30-a-plate event offers ranchers and livestock growers from across the county come together and discuss the state of their industry.

Kyle Berger, son of Jack Berger, is a fifth-generation rancher. He and his family operate the Berger Ranch in Saratoga. The Stock Growers Association keeps a close eye on the price of doing business. Berger said, sometimes, the cost of raising livestock rises faster than what the animal will sell for.

Pictured above: Kyle and Stacy Berger (right, center) selling Berger Beef at the Saratoga Farmers Market. Photo courtesy Berger Beef/Facebook.

Government regulations put stock growers in financially difficult situations. Berger said the Stock Growers have a good relationship with the state legislature. It is the federal government — almost 2,000 miles away — that creates the most hardship for his industry.

The Federal Land Policy and Management Act, which gives the federal government tight control over BLM land, along with myriad other policies ensure ranchers must navigate reams of red tape. Berger said he and his fellow livestock producers aren’t against government oversight, but too many laws can make his business unprofitable.

Berger said he thinks the federal government is out of touch with his industry. While law makers may have good intentions, Berger said they don’t seem to understand how their regulations put pressure on the average American.

The Stock Growers Association was formed to give ranchers of Carbon County a say in their future. The November 12th meeting will feature a variety of speakers with special guest Colter Brown. Brown is the Ag Director of the Northern Ag Network. He also produces 17 farm and agriculture related radio and television programs.

The Carbon County Stock Growers Association’s annual meeting and dinner is on November 12th at the Platte Valley Community Center. Starting at 1 p.m., the meeting is open to everyone, however, reservations are required to attend the dinner at 6 p.m.

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