August 13, 2021 |

The U.S. Census Bureau Thursday released its statistical portrait of how the U.S. has changed racially and ethnically over the last decade. For Carbon County, Wyoming, the biggest takeaway is how the population here shrank.

While Wyoming as a whole grew at a sluggish 2.3 percent over the last decade, Carbon County shrank. Most of Wyoming’s growth occurred at the corners and in the middle. Teton and Laramie Counties grew the fastest since 2010, tied at nearly 10 percent. Natrona and Sheridan Counties saw six percent growth rates. Other counties saw their populations decline.

Carbon County experienced the third largest loss in the state with 8.5 percent drop. Only Sublette and Washakie Counties saw steeper declines.

The U.S. Census puts the population here at 14,800, or about 1,000 people less than a decade ago. In 2010, the population of Carbon County was 15,885. The median annual income of $60,161 is slightly less than the median income in Wyoming of $65,000. Poverty is slightly higher: 12.4 percent compared to 10.1 percent statewide. In all, the government counts 6,204 households in Carbon County. The median age of residents is 38.6. As for ethnicity, 18.2 percent of the population is listed as Hispanic or Latino, about the same as in 2010, when it was 18.5 percent.

Pictured above: Carbon County, Wyoming. Photo by Jim O’Reilly/Bigfoot 99.

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