September 2, 2022 |

A new body scanner at the jail will keep officers and inmates safe.

The Carbon County Jail and Communications Center recently installed a state-of-the art Tek84 Intercept X-ray body scanner. This high-tech machine takes a detailed look at an inmate’s anatomy. A detention officer can see if the inmate is hiding weapons or narcotics anywhere on, or in, their body.

Sheriff Archie Roybal, a 33-year veteran of law enforcement, sat down with Bigfoot 99 and talk about their recent addition. The sheriff said the scanner will ensure that any weapons or drugs hidden on an inmate are found before they get into the jail.

Pictured above: Carbon County Sheriff Archie Roybal and the new scanner. Photo by Bigfoot 99.

The detention office has a full body X-ray view of the inmate standing in the scanner. Using different filters, the officer can check every nook and cranny of the individual without a physically invasive search. Sheriff Roybal says the inmate is taken to the hospital if contraband is found. Hospital staff will remove the item so it never enters the jail.

Safety is important. A hidden weapon can be dangerous to everyone. An inmate with concealed drugs can easily overdose. Sheriff Roybal says this scanner is a powerful safeguard for everyone in the jail. Inmates won’t be able to smuggle anything inside.

The Carbon County jail was able to purchase this device using money from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. This $1.9 trillion government fund is used to help states recover from COVID-19 related tax loses.

Over 1,000 jails around the country use the Tek84 Intercept scanner. Carbon and Albany Counties are the first in the state to have this powerful safety tool.

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