December 8, 2023 |

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County officials are asking for more public input on the new land use plan.

This past June, Carbon County Planning and Development began the process of updating the county’s eleven-year-old land use plan. The plan dictates how the county’s rural land should be used. The updated map will suggest changes to the types of development that are recommended for different areas of the county.  The firm hired to create the new land use plan, Y2 Consultants, is asking for input from rural landowners. Y2 Consultants has created a website to collect public comments on the updated land use plan.

Speaking at the December 5th Board of Carbon County Commissioners meeting, Y2 Consultants Range Scientist Bree Burton said participation in the online survey has been increasing.

Burton said the online survey will close at the beginning of January. Burton said the deadline is likely to be pushed back in order to provide more public engagement time.

To drum up more public involvement, Burton said Y2 Consultants will send postcards containing a QR code for the website to rural landowners in Carbon County. Burton said she has a list of 2,682 Wyoming and out-of-state addresses. The Y2 Consultant range scientist asked the board if she should narrow down the field before sending the postcards.

Sending 2,682 postcards will cost the county nearly $1,368.

Commission Chairwoman Sue Jones said Burton’s list likely contains the corporate headquarters addresses of the larger ranches in Carbon County. To ensure the companies receive the postcards, Chairwoman Jones told Burton to also send the cards to their local addresses.

Chairwoman Jones said the finalized land use plan will carry greater weight if a larger number of landowners participate in the process.

Burton said she will work with the land use steering committee to obtain the local addresses for the county’s large ranches.

Meanwhile, Y2 Consultants is still asking for public comment on the land use plan. People are being asked to go to the land use plan website and complete a 15-question survey. Questions focus on what people think Carbon County should focus on heading into the future.

A link to the Carbon County Land Use Plan Update survey will be included with this story when it is posted to the Bigfoot99 website later today.

Carbon County Land Use Update survey website:

Commissioner Jones encouraged people who live in Carbon County’s towns to comment on the Land Use Plan because “they utilize the rural areas of the county, as well.”

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