March 28, 2023 |

Photo – Saratoga Water Tank, site for new radio repeaters – Bigfoot99 file photo

A State Homeland Security grant will allow Platte Valley’s first responders to communicate more effectively.

During last Tuesday’s Saratoga town council meeting, Sergeant Tyler Christen requested a resolution to allow him to apply for a law enforcement grant from the state. Sergeant Christen explained how the 2023 State Homeland Security Program Grant will bring Saratoga and Encampment emergency responder communications under one umbrella.

Speaking to Bigfoot99, Saratoga Police Chief Mike Morris said the grant will be used to purchase WyoLink compatible radio equipment. WyoLink is the state’s public safety communications system. Chief Morris said radio repeaters will be installed on the water towers south of town to allow his department to stop using outdated communications gear.

The Saratoga PD has been upgrading their radio equipment, piece-by-piece, for around five years. Chief Morris said the repeaters outside of town are the final part of the project.

Having a reliable radio communications system is important for an area as large and undeveloped as Carbon County. Three of the five Saratoga police vehicles are equipped with mobile repeaters. Chief Morris said with the stationary repeaters installed on the water towers, emergency personnel would have far more reliable coverage when responding to remote calls.

The Saratoga town council approved Sergeant Christen’s request to approve resolution 2023-09, the 2023 SHSP Radio Upgrade From Dispatch to the Water Tower.

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