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South Central Wyoming Emergency Medical Services and the Memorial Hospital of Carbon County honor the memory of their fallen colleague.

On December 21st, two MHCC EMTs were responding to a crash on I-80 when they were struck by a semi-truck. Tiffany Gruetzmacher suffered major injuries and was transported to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. She was released on December 26th and given a hero’s welcome in her hometown of Rawlins.

Tyeler Harris was tragically killed in the incident. His funeral was on January 15th. SCWEMS Director Stayton Mosbey said people across the region are celebrating Harris’ contributions to the community.

Pictured above: SCWEMS ambulances. Photo by Matthew Copeland/Bigfoot 99.

The Memorial Hospital of Carbon County has set up a scholarship in Harris’s name. MHCC Marketing, Communication and Foundation Director Stephanie Hinkle said the hospital will provide financial assistance for people receiving EMT training.

The two $500 scholarships will be used to help pay for emergency medical technician classes. Hinkle said applicants can attend an EMT class anywhere in the county. The hospital’s communications director explained the other criteria necessary to apply for the Tyeler Harris Memorial Scholarship.

If enough people show interest in the program, Hinkle said the hospital would be likely to expand the scholarship’s availability. Hinkle explained where to go to apply for the scholarship. She also mentioned another funding opportunity for young people of Carbon County who are interested in the medical field.

SCWEMS is offering fully paid medical training classes as well. Using a Department of Health ARPA grant, two Saratoga ambulance drivers have been chosen to attend online EMT classes.

The SCWEMS director said he is hoping for another grant opportunity, which would allow him to expand the reach of the program, but he didn’t want to delay the classes any longer.

SCWEMS has also received a grant to build a station in Hanna. Right now, the ambulance service shares space inside of the town’s fire department. Mosbey said he is looking for a place to build the new ambulance barn.

Mosbey said the most likely place to build the new station is on the grounds of the old Hanna Elementary School. With the mines under the area already filled in, Mosbey said it would make a great location for the ambulance barn. The SCWEMS director said his team needs their own space. Mosbey described how the fire station isn’t suitable for his team’s needs.

Mosbey has requested authorization from the county to purchase a new ambulance. He said the current fleet is beginning to show its age, with one of the vehicles being two decades old and having over 180,000 miles on it. The SCWEMS director said it is less expensive to replace an aging vehicle than to pay for constant repairs. Mosbey explained how, using a government grant, he ordered a new rescue vehicle.

As reported by Bigfoot 99, SCWEMS board members were asking every town council in the county to authorize the purchase of smaller SUV-based, quick response vehicles. The QRVs would replace full-size ambulances in towns without trained paramedic coverage. An Emergency Medical Responder, or EMR, would use the SUVs to respond to medical emergencies and determine if further treatment is needed. Mosbey said the ARPA grant application for the QRVs has been received, but the process could still take months.

To apply for the Tyeler Harris Memorial Scholarship, go to www.imhcc.com or contact Stephanie Hinkle at 307-324-8378.

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