September 16, 2020 |

During Monday’s FEMA flood insurance rate map presentation, officials provided details about updates to the flood risks in Carbon County.

They detailed the next steps, which include an appeal process and adoption.

In the first part of a two-part story Emma Diercks looks at the presentation for Saratoga and other parts of the county.


Click here to view the slides shown during Monday’s FEMA Floodplains Forum covering both Rawlins, Saratoga, Encampment and Riverside

Rawlins residents likely to be forced into flood insurance

In related coverage, representatives from FEMA said during Monday’s forum that the stormwater pipeline installed decades ago by the City of Rawlins to mitigate flooding near Sugar Creek isn’t large enough to convey the amount of water associated with a 100-year flood.

Based on the feedback from FEMA, it now seems residents on the south side of Rawlins have a better chance of being forced into purchasing flood insurance than of actually experiencing a flood. Cali O’Hare has that part of the story.


Carbon County Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) provides a closer look at the data:,41.0659,-105.374,42.4184

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