December 5, 2022 |

On the agenda for tomorrow night’s city council meeting is the third and final reading of a new ordinance regulating the delivery of alcoholic beverages within Rawlins Municipal Limits.

The ordinance has changed since first reading when the original language allowed third-party contractors, such as an Uber-type service, to make home delivery of beer and alcohol. In the draft at Tuesday night’s third reading, only retail liquor licensees, permit holders, and winery permit holders may deliver alcoholic liquors or malt beverages to customers.

City Attorney Gwendolyn Wade explained the reason for the change, saying it was meant to “centralize responsibility,” putting the onus for responsible home delivery liquor sales on the drinking establishments themselves.

Mayor Terry Weickum, who voted to approve the ordinance on first reading, said he had second thoughts. The mayor said the ordinance could open the city to potential legal liability if the home delivery of alcohol ended in some type of abuse or tragedy.

The council chamber was at full capacity during the meeting with members of the public attending there for another issue on the agenda that night. Several spoke on the bar delivery issue. One man expressed concern that home delivery of booze could contribute to alcoholism. A woman, frustrated that the city appeared to be over-regulating businesses, said other cities allow it and Rawlins should, too.

The city attorney said local businesses had approached the city to allow the home delivery service. Ordinance 5.08.425, Delivery of Alcoholic Liquors and Malt Beverages as amended passed second reading at the last regular council meeting on a 4-3 vote.

The no votes at the November 15th reading were Mayor Weickum and councilmembers Debari Martinez and Linda Smith.

Third and final reading is set for Tuesday night, December 6.

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