February 14, 2023 |

Wyoming football and NFL legend Conrad Dobler died Monday at the age of 72, but not before seeing his beloved Kansas City Chiefs win the Superbowl on Sunday.

The former Cowboy played 10 NFL seasons. During that time, he used his wild, unconventional dominating style to develop into one of the best pass protecting guards of his time. Opponents who were done in by his kicks and leg whips called him “the game’s dirtiest player.” The label stuck with him throughout his career and beyond. Dobler, who off the field could be a gentle giant, saw his ability to dominate opponents differently than his critics.

Dobler was born in Chicago in 1950. He joined the UW Cowboys in 1968 after Wyoming’s recent appearance in the Sugar Bowl. The St. Louis Cardinals selected him in the 5th round of the NFL draft. A documentary about Dobler reports that he did not impress.

Dobler was cut from the roster before his rookie season began. He was brought back in several weeks later, though, but losing his first job in the NFL was an experience that drove him to excel.

Dobler never objected to being called a dirty player. He embraced the notoriety and appeared to enjoy being the bad guy. The reputation earned by antics such as punching Mean Joe Green or kicking quarterback Merlin Olsen landed him a cover on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Dobler’s dark side overshadowed the three-time All Pro’s accomplishments.

He finished his career in 1981 after two seasons with the Buffalo Bills. Dobler’s physical style of play took a heavy toll on his body. The legend passed away in Colorado Springs surrounded by family.

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