Today’s Headlines:

  • For the last five years, they City of Rawlins has relied on Sage Creek Excavation to haul municipal solid waste from the transfer stations here to the regional landfill in Casper.
  • The City of Rawlins is moving forward with the phase two closure of the old dump. Two bids were awarded at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.
  • Saratoga is in the process of openings it’s own solid waste transfer station.
  • Repairs to the rough ten-mile stretch of interstate near Creston Junction will begin next week.
  • In Saratoga: A program to oversee drug testing for suspected probation offenders will soon be available to the Police Department.
  • The weekend in full of action for the sports teams of the county as they’ll all try to make up for lost time due to the previous poor weather conditions.


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