Today’s Headlines:

  • Almost a year after cracking down on the enforcement of Saratoga’s nuisance ordinance, the Planning Commission addressed several citizen complaints at their Tuesday meeting.
  • The Wyoming American Red Cross is recruiting volunteers for a variety of positions within the agency. Speaking to an emergency preparedness group in Rawlins yesterday, Red Cross workers talked about their need for help in Carbon County.
  • In Hanna, having success with securing grants in the past, the Marshal’s office is now applying for two Homeland Security grants and another from the USDA.
  • In Washington, with controversy over excessive spending and other charges surrounding EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, the US Senate voted Thursday to confirm Andrew Wheeler as the number two man at the environmental agency. The vote was 53-45 with all Republicans present voting for the nomination. They were joined by three Democrats who are running for re-election in heavily Republican states. Democrats opposing the nomination argued that if Pruitt is ousted, Wheeler could replace him. Democrats said they wanted a more vigorous vetting process. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, in a floor speech before the vote, said Wheeler is uniquely qualified for the job. Yesterday’s vote means that if Pruitt is fired or resigns, Wheeler would become acting administrator, once he is sworn in at the EPA.
  • In Sports: The busy week continues for the county track teams and the Rawlins soccer team looks to make stride with a double header.


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