Rawlins City Council adopts budget, faces scrutiny over rec services

Photo: Bigfoot99/Cali O’Hare

This week, the Rawlins City Council, operating short-handed, approved and adopted the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, but not without some scrutiny over allocations to recreation services. Cali O’Hare reports.

School district votes against donation

Budget challenges mean hard decisions. In past years, Carbon County School District #2 has allotted some funding for building maintenance at a regional site where special needs children are sent. Board members voted against making the donation this year, choosing instead to  focus on programs within the district. Emma Diercks has the details.


Enzi supports Supreme Court decision to overturn tax ruling

On-line shopping has grown more popular in the last decade because of its convenience and lower prices. The hidden cost has been the loss of brick and mortar stores and a decline in services that local governments can provide because of lost sales and property taxes. That may begin to change after yesterday’s Supreme Court Ruling, the 5-4 decision overturned a 1992 decision which prohibited states from imposing a local tax on out of state retailers that do not have a physical presence in the state. Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi called the Supreme Court ruling a good one for local communities in the Cowboy State that are struggling to make ends meet.


Rawlins landfill earns kudos after passing surprise inspection

A truck is loaded with materials from the Rawlins landfill. Photo: Bigfoot99/Cali O’Hare

Municipal landfills are not usually the star of the show. Rawlins Landfill grabbed the spotlight at this week’s city council meeting. In addition to a record week of collections during Free Dump Days, the landfill passed a surprise inspection conducted by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. The hard-earned successes by city workers brought applause at this week’s council meeting. Cali O’Hare reports.


Saratoga town council addresses landfill concerns

The landfill in Saratoga is also getting some attention, but for different reasons. Tuesday evening, the Saratoga Town Council addressed concerns brought forward by the landfill board about illegal trash disposal and the condition of the landfill road. While they discussed the topics at length, no action was taken toward a solution. Emma Diercks has the story.


Sports: Rawlins Generals face tough matchup

The Rawlins Generals will swing away this weekend against some tough competition.


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