November 22, 2022 |

Upcoming health department inspections aren’t the only obstacle facing the new hospital in Saratoga.

Originally slated to begin operations in August, delays of key electrical components have pushed the opening date of the North Platte Valley Medical Center to early 2023. Will Faust, chairman of the NPVMC board, said he expects the November 28th inspection to provide suggestions for improvement.

Pictured above: Exterior photo of the North Platte Valley Medical Center. Courtesy photo.

Faust said the inspections are a process. Some material has been held up because of continuing supply chain problems. The health department will flag those items. Afterwards, the hospital’s board will draft a plan to address the concerns, with timelines of when they’ll be fixed, and present them to the health department. While he thinks they’ve got everything figured out, Faust said there’s always a possibility of something unexpected coming up.

Although construction on the hospital was scheduled to be completed by the end of October, weather and material shortages have pushed that date back as well. The hospital’s chairman said the building is nearly complete, but last week’s snow stalled progress.

The health department inspection is the final hurdle standing between now and the proposed January opening. Faust said they’re working to wrap everything up else before the end of the year.

The finish line is finally in sight for the North Platte Valley Medical Center, but there are still obstacles, some expected some not, to overcome. The health department’s November 28th inspection will highlight how far they must go before seeing their first patient.

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