September 14, 2023 |

Photo – Saratoga Panthers Paw – Bigfoot99 file photo

Saratoga high school juniors offer to paint panther paws around town to celebrate homecoming and raise money for future school events.

During the September 5th Saratoga town council meeting, Mayor Chuck Davis said students from the Saratoga Middle High School asked the council to allow them to paint purple and gold paw prints on town property. Mayor Davis said Jaida Jennings was scheduled to present the idea to the council.

About a half hour later, Jennings and her classmate, Josie Little, arrived to give the presentation to the council. The students were delayed due to volleyball practice. Addressing the council, Jennings and Little said the Saratoga High School junior class was seeking the town’s blessing to hold a fundraiser event. The two young ladies said they want to paint panther paws outside of local businesses and on West Elm Avenue leading to the high school.

Councilwoman Kathy Beck asked Jennings and Little how much they will charge to paint the paws. Jennings said the size of the paw print determines the price. The high school junior said if residents want, her class will also paint paw prints outside their homes.

Jennings said the junior class will supply the paint and stencils.

Councilwoman Beck asked Jennings and Little how they planned to advertise their school fundraiser. Jennings said the junior class will post flyers and personally call or visit businesses in town.

The council voted to allow the high schoolers to hold the fundraising event. Mayor Davis instructed Jennings and Little to contact Police Chief Mike Morris to direct traffic when they plan to paint in the streets.

Speaking to Bigfoot99, Jennings said as of yesterday, she has 15 people signed up to have panther paws painted outside of their homes or businesses.

Jennings said students will begin painting the paws this Sunday, September 17th. The high school junior said she wanted the paws to be ready for homecoming week, which begins the following day, Monday, September 18th. Jennings said the junior class will continue taking orders for paw prints until winter snow makes it impossible to continue painting.

To sign up to have a panther paw painted in front of your home or business call Amy Johnston at the Saratoga Middle High School at 326-5246. You can also email Johnston at

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