September 15, 2023 |

Photo – Unknown Border Patrol Agent in Texas – Courtesy US Immigration Studies

A Medicine Bow Marshal’s Deputy was chosen to help secure the southern border in Texas.

Deputy Chris Tirpak recently returned from Texas where he helped protect the country’s border with Mexico. During Monday evening’s Medicine Bow town council meeting, Marshal Roger Hawks said an agreement between Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon and Texas Governor Greg Abbott brought Deputy Tirpak to Texas for the month of August. Marshal Hawks said the deputy patrolled a relatively small section of the southern border, but arrested over 100 illegal immigrants.

Deputy Tirpak was sent to the border with Operation Lone Star. In 2021, Texas Governor Abbott launched the border-enforcement initiative in response to the increase of illegal immigration and drug smuggling at the border. Governor Abbott requested other states to send law enforcement resources to help defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the United States. Wyoming is one of the states that agreed to send state troopers and National Guard troops to assist with the operation.

During Monday’s town council meeting, Marshal Hawks said the Medicine Bow Marshal’s Office was one of only two state law enforcement agencies called to participate in Operation Lone Star. Mashal Hawks said Deputy Tirpak may have been one of the first officers to be sent to the southern border, but he likely won’t be the last.

Marshal Hawks said the situation at the southern border is far more dire than most people know. The marshal said half of Texas Highway Patrol has been indefinitely reassigned to guard the US Mexico border. Marshal Hawks said Deputy Tirpak shared stories of troopers working for weeks on end without a break.

Marshal Hawks said the Memorandum of Understanding between Wyoming and Texas has all of Deputy Tirpak’s expenses paid by Governor Gordon’s office.

The marshal said Deputy Tirpak’s presence on the southern border cost the town nothing and helped the people of Texas. Marshal Hawks said he believes Operation Lone Star will continue to benefit everyone.

Marshal Hawks said Governor Gordon doesn’t want to publicize the names of officers while they’re participating in Operation Lone Star. The marshal said Mexican drug cartels and other bad actors could retaliate against the officers and their families.

Despite claims to the contrary, the Biden administration’s policies have invited illegal immigrants to flood across the southern border. With no end in sight, Texas Governor Abbott has been doing what he can to keep Americans safe from the drug smugglers and criminals crossing into the country illegally, including requesting help from other states. Marshal Hawks said he was proud to have a member of his department participate in Operation Lone Star.

During Monday’s Medicine Bow town council meeting, Councilwoman Sharon Kahl asked Marshal Hawks to invite Deputy Tirpak to speak to residents about his time in Texas. Marshal Hawks said he will talk to the deputy and get back to the council with a date when Deputy Tirpak will be available.

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