Today’s Headlines:

  • Two fatal accidents marred the weekend here in Carbon County.
  • After several years with little progress, the Saratoga Town Council is considering moving forward with establishing a memorial to honor Tyler Pickett, a local solider who lost his life in combat in 2008.
  • In Rawlins, the Facade Easement Project in the downtown area has been in the works for years with construction recently started on several of the participating properties.
  • Annie, grab your guns and ammo and head to the Rawlins shooting range tonight.
  • Having recently obtained two police vehicles as a donation from the Sinclair Refinery, the Hanna Town Marshall’s office is now applying for a grant to equip its new fleet.
  • The 2017 Shrine Bowl All-Star football game was played in Casper Saturday, with the North topping the South for the fifth consecutive year. Joey Saverine was in the broadcast booth with call, and broke down how Rawlins was represented.


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