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Update as of 2:58 p.m. Sunday:

USFS officials believe the Mullen Fire could be human caused. Those with any information on activity occurring in the eastern area of Savage Run Wilderness, in the South Mullen Creek drainage are asked to call an anonymous tip line 307-745-2392. The fire remains under investigation.

Acreage is reported at 13,835 following assessment flights over the fire this morning.

Aerial resources continue to drop retardant in the Rambler area. Fire growth yesterday was northeast, north and south. It appears the fire has not yet reached Rob Roy Reservoir, but is very close.

There were rain showers on parts of the fire last night. Weather forecast is for cooler weather today, but still strong and gusty winds.

The Mullen Fire is rapidly approaching the Keystone area. Albany County Emergency Management Agency has requested the evacuation of the area to better allow for fire support to focus on mitigation.

Due to strong winds and the movement of the Mullen Fire, Albany County Emergency Management Agency has requested the Centennial Valley to prepare for potential evacuations. This area includes private land along Fox Creek Road, the communities of Albany, Centennial, extending North West to the Snowy Range along Highway 130, and all areas west of Highway 11 in the valley. Residents are asked to prepare to leave immediately if an evacuation order is called for.

Albany County Emergency Management website:

Click here to view web camera near Rob Roy Reservoir

Original story from Sunday morning:

The Mullen Fire is burning at well over 7,000 acres Sunday morning, however is estimated to be much larger in size, likely more than 10,000 acres. A sudden wind shift pushed the fire back at wildland firefighters on the ground Saturday, making for an eventful day.

As of 9 a.m. Sunday, USFS fire officials reported that assessment flights are occurring over the fire this morning.

Due to the strong, erratic and shifting winds, resources were pulled back from the fire for safety reasons, including aerial resources, on Saturday.

The National Forest area closure has been expanded to the north, south and east and numerous evacuations have taken place. All public, including campers and hunters, should leave the area. Rambler, and Rob Roy areas have been evacuated. The Keystone area is under pre-evacuation notice; including Keystone proper, lower Keystone, Langford/Ricker, Moore’s Gulch, and 507C cabin grouping.

The fire crossed the Savage Run wilderness boundary on the south flank over the weekend, traveling over the 512 Road. It is now established in the Platte Wilderness. On the east side, the fire crossed the Savage Run Wilderness boundary over the 511 Road, near Forest Road 562.

The Mullen Fire remains a rapidly changing and developing situation, with focus on public and firefighter safety.

There are minimal natural fuel breaks in the area. Extremely rugged terrain, with live blowdown and beetle-killed deadfall is fueling the fire, and intense fire activity is occurring on multiple flanks.

There is a high probability of intense fire behavior and growth through the rest of the weekend, including up the Mullen Creek drainages.

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Pictured above: Smoke from the Mullen Fire Saturday evening. Photo by Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.

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