February 7, 2024 |

Photo – MHCC – Bigfoot99 file photo

Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, this week, is introducing its newest wound care provider: Sophie Baxter.

In November of 2022, MHCC opened a new wound care clinic inside of the hospital. Nurse Practitioner Sonia Klein spearheaded the wound care initiative. Nurse Klein has stepped back from the program and Chicago-native Sophie Baxter has taken the reigns of the wound care clinic.

Before moving to Rawlins, Physician Assistant Baxter practiced medicine on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in northern Montana. Baxter said her time working in the isolated community provided her with experience treating various types of wounds.

Before moving onto the Fort Belknap reservation, Baxter worked in the maximum-security prison in Florence, Colorado. Baxter said her experience treating prisoners also provided her with the knowledge needed to run Memorial Hospital of Carbon County’s wound care clinic.

Baxter said after completing her wound care training through Healogics, she and her husband chose to move to Rawlins and take over MHCC’s wound care clinic.

Baxter said she is set up to treat a variety of persistent medical conditions.

Baxter said diabetic ulcers are the most common type of wounds she treats at the hospital. She encouraged people to come to the wound care clinic even if they’re unsure of what type of ailment they have. Baxter said she can identify the wound and create a treatment plan.

Baxter said she tries to avoid prescribing antibiotics unless the wound is exhibiting signs of infection. Otherwise, Baxter said she has a variety of treatments available for wound care.

Baxter said she is trying to spread the word about Memorial Hospital of Carbon County’s wound care clinic. She said many residents and physicians seemed unaware that the hospital offered such a service. Baxter said she is happy to treat non-healing injuries in Carbon County.

The public is invited to meet Physician Assistant Baxter during an open house event for the hospital’s new orthopedic and pain clinic on February 22nd.

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