September 22, 2022 |

The Platte Valley Arts Council is holding their 6th Annual Hay Bale Sculpture Competition. Unleash your inner Michelangelo by creating a hay bale masterpiece. Sculptures can be any size, but they must be made of hay.

The winner of the past two competitions, CSU Beef Improvement Center, will defend their title. Last year they made a semi-truck, complete with trailer.

Mary Martin, secretary on the Platte Valley Arts Council board of directors, will go to the site of each hay bale sculpture and take pictures. She will put the images online where people can choose their favorite.

Go to to cast your vote between October 15th and 31st.

Sculptures can have wooden or metal supports, but the majority of the sculpture must be hay. They have to be constructed near a public road so people can see them. Martin said she will include directions to the sculptures on Facebook.

Pictured above: “Bennett Beak” hay bale sculpture by CSU Beef Improvement Center, winner of the 2020 contest. Photo courtesy Platte Valley Arts Council/Facebook.

The deadline to enter is September 30th. All hay bale sculptures must be finished by October 9th. After that, Martin will come and photograph your creation. Voting will take place between October 15th and 31st. The winner will have their name added to the trophy and get to display it until next year’s competition.

Entry forms can be found on the Platte Valley Arts Council’s Facebook page or by emailing

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