September 27, 2021 |

In Saratoga, it’s liquor license renewal time for bars and restaurants. The announcement was made at last week’s town council meeting. Mayor Pro Tem D’Ron Campbell introduced the agenda item and resulting discussion. Clerk Marie Christen laid out the details of how the process will work.

Councilwoman Campbell said she had been asked by a local business owner about the timing. During discussion, Councilman Jon Nelson invited Police Chief Ken Lehr to be part of the process by providing input on any trouble spots.


Saratoga Police have indicated that the uptick in the number of calls, complaints and violations the short-staffed force responded to, including the rash of hot pool deaths earlier this year, involved in some way alcohol or illegal drugs.


The public hearing for renewals will be held November 8th a half-hour before the regular town council meeting.

Pictured above: File photo of Downtown Saratoga. Photo by Bigfoot 99.

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