December 7, 2023 |

Photo – Rawlins Recreation Center – Bigfoot99 file photo

The Rawlins Parks and Recreation Director is exiting the job this month saying he accomplished nearly everything he wanted.

December 15th is Jason Sehon’s last day as the Rawlins Parks and Recreation Director. Sehon said he and his family are moving to the southern Minnesota town of Austin after Christmas. Sehon said the larger town will offer new adventures.

Sehon said as the Director of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry for Austin, Minnesota, he’ll have a different set of responsibilities than he has in Rawlins. The soon-to-be-former parks and rec director said he’s trading a golf course for ice-skating rinks.

Sehon, who is originally from the northern coast of California, said he has a long history of being a parks and recreation director. Sehon said after over a decade of serving in that position he needed a change of scenery.

While he searched for a new place to live, Sehon said he took a job in the private sector. After five years of private employment, Sehon said his family pushed him to find another park and recreation job. Sehon said Wyoming was on his short list of places to move.

Sehon said he fell in love with Rawlins before ever setting eyes on the city. After a snowy visit, Sehon became the city’s parks and rec director on March 1st, 2021.

Bigfoot99 asked Sehon about his greatest achievement as the city’s parks and recreation director. Sehon said he is proud of the way his department worked with the public to do what the people wanted.

Sehon pointed to the Joshua “JR” Rodriguez Memorial Skatepark as an example of his department turning public suggestions into reality. Sehon said the skate park was designed by the people who use it.

Bigfoot99 asked Sehon what projects he didn’t get to do during his time as parks and rec director. Sehon said he wished he had replaced the Washington Park tennis courts. Sehon said he secured the necessary funding from Carbon County School District Number One and the Land and Water Conservation Fund but ran out of time to complete the project. The parks and rec director said his successor will need to pick up from where he left off.

The departing parks and rec director said he doesn’t know who will take his place after he leaves next Friday. Sehon read from a letter he wrote to his replacement, whoever that may be.

Sehon said he knows the city will continue to thrive no matter who becomes the next parks and recreation director.

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