September 12, 2022 |

The Rawlins Police Department is giving away gun locks and safes to raise public awareness about gun safety.

Securing guns is important, especially Wyoming where many households with children have firearms. Law enforcement is concerned about children getting access to guns and hurting themselves or others.

To encourage safe firearm storage, the Rawlins PD will provide free gun locks and cases to the public. Chief Mike Ward describes the program and asks that people come to the station to receive the safety gear.


Chief Ward stresses that locking your guns up may not be enough to ensure that kids can’t get their hands on them. Children often know how to get into a locked gun safe. On top of properly securing your weapons, Chief Ward suggests that all members of your household attend gun safety training classes.


The giveaway follows a September 1st incident in Rawlins when an 8-year-old boy managed to get his family’s unsecured weapon and shoot himself in the hand. The wound was serious enough to require out-of-state treatment. The child is recovering and there are no charges pending against the boy’s family.

Chief Ward points out that gun safety is an ongoing issue in the community. The unfortunate event earlier this month is evidence that more needs to be done to protect young people.


It is up to every gun owner to make sure that their firearms are properly secured. Combining a gun lock with proper training will help lower the likelihood of a child unintentionally obtaining a firearm.


If you would like to participate in this safety event, come to the Rawlins Police Station and request a free slide lock or gun case. Supplies are limited.

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