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Photo – Dean Peterson’s podcast logo – Courtesy Dean Peterson

Do you have an interesting story to share? Dean Peterson wants to know.

Peterson records his podcast, called That Doesn’t Happen Every Day, from his home in Rawlins. He has people tell stories about unusual experiences and extraordinary events on his podcast.

Peterson said he has always enjoyed long form interview programs. He started his podcast because he values firsthand accounts from insiders over merely repeating information found online.

Peterson said roughly 80% of his 40 plus podcasts feature stories that take place in Wyoming. However, Peterson said he has covered stories from other states as well, including one from his own family.

While searching for interesting stories for his podcast, Peterson said he stumbled upon a book written by Dr. Mark Miller called Big Nose George: His Troublesome Trail.

Peterson said he learned more about Wyoming Governor John Osborne, who had Big Nose George’s skin turned into shoes. The podcaster said Governor Osborne may have been involved in a plot to move the bones of Christopher Columbus.

Peterson is currently working on a three-part story about the Wyoming Frontier Prison in Rawlins. On June 10th, Peterson released the first episode focusing on the history of the Old Pen. Last week, the podcaster interviewed photographer Anne Arden McDonald, whose pictures hung in the prison museum.

Peterson said the final episode of his series about the Old Pen will feature people who worked on the low-budget horror movie, Prison. Filmed in 1987 in Rawlins, Prison features many locals and was one of the first movies to star Viggo Mortensen, perhaps best known for being in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Peterson said he would like to talk to people who were involved in the filming of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Parts of the 1977 movie were filmed around Devil’s Tower. People Peterson spoke to about the movie felt their stories weren’t interesting, but he strongly disagrees.

Drawing from his father’s experiences during the Vietnam War, Peterson said everyone has fascinating stories to tell. The podcaster said he wants to record as many experiences as possible before they’re lost forever.

Peterson’s podcast, That Doesn’t Happen Every Day, can be found on the popular podcast hosting platform, Buzzsprout.com. Episodes cover a variety of topics from a haunted officers club in Douglas, Wyoming to an interview with Kristen Lamphere, a mortician fresh out of mortuary school.

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