March 16, 2023 |

Photo – Hanna Recreation Center – Courtesy Carbon County Visitor’s Council

Despite rumors of its imminent demise, the Hanna Recreation Center appears to be alive and well, at least for now.

Staff changes at the Hanna Miners Memorial Park and Recreation Center may have led to a barrage of unfounded reports of its closing. Mike Armstrong, the former Hanna rec director stepped down in January. Carbon County Commission Chairwoman Sue Jones said Armstrong’s departure may have fueled rumors of the rec center closing its doors. Jones said Mayor Jon Ostling would need the support of the Hanna town council to shutter the recreation center.

Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County CEO Theresa Pacheco said she heard similar gossip. Pacheco recently opened a branch of the Boys and Girls Club in the Hanna recreation center. She said she asked Hanna officials for advanced notice about a closure. If the rec center closed, Pacheco said she would need to find an alternative meeting spot for the 27 kids that use the program.

Pacheco said closing the pool would make sense. Unconfirmed reports say Hanna has been having issues with leaking water and low attendance in the swimming facility.

Moving the Hanna’s library into the rec center has been unofficially considered. As reported previously, town officials are balking at paying the town’s share of the utility bill to heat the county-owned building that houses the Hanna branch library. The suggestion has been raised that money could be saved by moving the library to recreation center. People using library resources may be inclined to take part in other rec department activities, potentially increasing its usage.

As of the reporting of this story, Bigfoot99 reporters have not heard back from Mayor Ostling confirming or denying the rumors that closing the rec center is being considered.

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