February 9, 2024 |

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To attract more volunteers in Saratoga, members of the Saratoga Recreation Commission and their immediate family members will receive free gym and pool memberships.

In September of last year, the Saratoga town council voted to provide town employees and their family members free access to the town’s recreation center and outdoor swimming pool.

During Tuesday’s council meeting, Recreation Director Kim Hemenway asked to include rec board members in the free membership program. Hemenway said complimentary use of the town’s recreation services will attract new board members and persuade existing members to stay.

Hemenway said sitting recreation commission members approved of the free gym membership plan.

Mayor Chuck Davis said he wasn’t against the idea. However, Mayor Davis asked if the town’s other boards should receive the same offer.

Hemenway said she believes that only recreation board members should be offered free access to the gym because they have a direct link to the town’s recreation programs and services.

Councilwoman Kathy Beck said the recreation commission has written an addition to its bylaws laying out how the free memberships will work.

The council voted to approve Hemenway’s request.

Later in the February 6th Saratoga town council meeting, Councilwoman Beck read resignation letters from two recreation commission members. In the first letter, rec commission president Danny Burau said serving on the board was taking up too much of his time. Burau also said he felt the town council wasn’t supporting the board enough.

Councilwoman Beck also read rec commission vice president Amber Waldron’s letter of resignation. In her letter, Waldron said she believes the town council was not financially supporting the rec commission’s goal to provide art, music, and sports activities to the community.

Mayor Davis thanked Burau and Waldron for their service on the town’s recreation commission. Councilwoman Beck said the two resignations leaves the Saratoga Recreation Commission without enough members for a quorum. However, the councilwoman said the remaining two voting members will continue to meet and suggest ways to improve the way the rec board operates.

Councilwoman Beck said the recreation commission has four open positions. The councilwoman reminded the public about the free gym membership. Councilwoman Beck asked interested parties to inform Rec Director Hemenway or Mayor Davis.

To apply for any of the two in-town and two out-of-town recreation commission openings, call Recreation Director Hemenway at 326-8338 or submit your letter of interest to the Saratoga town hall, located at 110 East Spring Avenue.

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