September 23, 2022 |

During last Tuesday’s Saratoga town council meeting, Mayor Creed James read a letter from the Wyoming Food Bank urging the public to be aware of, and help, those in need.

Every year, the Food Bank of Wyoming provides over 9 million meals. Our state’s size makes it especially challenging for rural members of our communities to have reliable access to food. Mayor James encouraged the public to donate food, or their time, to combat hunger.

Carbon County is home to over 15,000 people. Mayor James said the food bank assists the 12 percent of our population who deal with food insecurity.

Sarah Glandt, the AmeriCorps Food Security Ambassador for the Food Bank of Wyoming, attended the meeting to show her organization’s appreciation of the council bringing awareness to this issue.

Mayor James and the town council have officially recognized September as Hunger Awareness Month, a time to reflect on and help the needy; not just in Saratoga, but across the country.

The Food Bank of Wyoming is part of the largest food distribution organization in the Rocky Mountain region. Through donations, and their partner programs, they can distribute meals to 1/6th of Wyoming’s residents.


Pictured above: Photo by Caitlyn Barnett, courtesy Food Bank of Wyoming.

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